Kipuka Theater is a company dedicated to the alchemy of art and theater.  We are completely enthralled by theater that is defiant towards convention, inviting of chaos, game-like, the kind of theater that offers new perspective through the thrill of the unexpected, and evolving the experimental genre of theater art.

kipuka: (n)

A small area of land that has survived while lava flows around it.  Isolated, it creates new and unique forms of life found no where else.  A kipuka is an oasis that has defied its surrounding chaos and destruction.  It is a new beginning.

Studied @NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts - Experimental Theater Wing, Caitlin is the creator of Untitled (can I keep it), Untitled (lay down your head) @Dixon Place, my heart gets used to the idea of beating, produced by TSOA, james @Salem Art Works, La Marie Vison @319 Scholes and Ball's & Bjornsdottir's Vera & Linus.  She has performed in Kipuka's FaustX, deBessonet's Oliver!, Ana Margineau's The Blind Trip, Sister Sylvester’s Play America and The Screens @Riverside Church, O'Neill's Desire Caught and Kipuka's Vera & Linus workshop @Salem Art Works.
Studied @UH Manoa in Theater &  Music, Silas Andrew is the creator of Ban Shine, Chains, Iraqi Souls, Ball's & Bjornsdottir's Vera & Linus, as well as experimental versions of Brown's Last 5 Years, Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Shuji's Inugami @Mark's Garage, FaustX @University of the Streets, Friedlander's Crumpet's Last Go Around @Dixon Place, and La Marie Vison @319 Scholes.  He has performed in Weil's Odyssey, Lanki's Moral, Tangentz's Flight 730, Ruocco's Heart of America, Cruel Theatre's Cenci, Wessendorf's Battle of Will and Kipuka's Vera & Linus workshop @Salem Art Works.
Studied @UH Manoa in Journalism and Asian Studies, Lani has performed in Shuji's Inugami @Mark's Garage, FaustX @University of the Streets, Wright's Hysterical @NYC Fringe at Under St. Mark's, Hanji's Nozaki Village, Lanki''s Moral, Maltby's Dark of the Moon @Paul and Vi Loo Theatre, Campbell's State Fair, Hutchinson's Scrooge, Mangano's Vagina Monologues @GirlFest, Cannon's My Fair Lady, Pederson's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat @Hawaii Theatre and has co-created the work of Kipuka's La Marie Vison @319 Scholes and Inugami @Mark's Garage.
Studied Theater Performance & Psychology @ Muhlenberg College and Physical Theater @ the Accademia dell’Arte of Arezzo, Italy. Louisa has performed in Psyche and Tools of Water (Kipuka), The Wedding of V & L (Kipuka), Ball’s & Bjornsdottir’s Vera & Linus (Kipuka),  Aladdin and Other Enchanting Tales (Enchantment Theatre Co.), The Velveteen Rabbit (Enchantment Theatre Co.), Woyzeck (Homunculus Inc.), and various film projects. She is the creator of Kipuka’s Psyche and Tools of Water and The Wedding of V & L.
Kiki is a small town girl from Waianae, Oahu. Much of her life was lived imaginging she was in a film, book or song. After graduating from Waianae High School, a school with no drama club or theatre program, Kiki ran to the University of Hawaii at Manoa expecting to become a school teacher. Little did this young Filipino/Samoan girl from Waianae know, that six years later she would graduate with a degree in Theatre and Dance. Her background in Asian performance and youth theatre brought her to the Midwest to teach west Michigan youth the philosophy and technique of Jingju (Chinese Opera) for the western stage.
Lily has her M.F.A in Theatre Education from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is currently a teaching artist and Assistant Director of Drama Education for Honolulu Theatre for Youth. Lily has served on the board of directors for Lizard Loft and is currently serving the board for Collaborative Dance Foundation. She has performed in various productions at Army Community Theatre and at Arts at Mark's Garage.  She also just recently finished directing the silliest High School Musical at Mamiya Theatre. Lily's passion is in working with children in developing their creative spirit and bringing the joy of theatre into their lives.
Studied @UH Manoa in Art & Theater, Tanyah is the creator of Untitled, Bubbles, and miss pepper @Trash2Fashion, Rebirth, and Low Carb, High Fiber Value Meal@Hawaii Craftsmen, Mixed Plate @Pacific Arts, and New Growth.  She has designed for Kipuka's Inugami, Doctor Faustus, Yellow Boat @Mark's Garage, FaustX, La Marie Vison @319 Scholes and Nipko's A Letter to My Mother at the End of the World.  She has managed and assisted with Bolieau's Guys and Dolls, Ruocco's Heart of America, O'Malley's Streetcar Named Desire, Lanki's Moral and Wormser's Pandora.